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An overview of what is happening on the African continent

It has become a relatively well-worn fact that over the past two decades the African economy has grown faster than the world economy by some 2% per annum. This translates into impressive headlines.
An overview of what is happening on the African continent

Along with fast economic growth, Africa is undergoing impressive urban growth. By 2030, it is expected that six of the world's 41 megacities will be African, including Cairo, Lagos, Kinshasa, Johannesburg, Luanda and Dar es Salaam. This puts an imperative on policymakers to establish competitive host cities for the newly urbanised. Smart cities are arguably a key arrow in the policymaker's quiver.

What is less well known – or often little known and many times misunderstood – is the detail beneath these headlines. Understanding the drivers, dividers, diversions, distractions and complexity that make up this continent, is key to building stronger businesses, implementing more effective policies and developing paths to prosperity for our companies and countries.

  • Unicorns, Dragons, Lightning Birds and Lions (An Economic Overview of What's Happening on the Continent);
  • Africa 2035: Can a Focus on Key Strategies Accelerate Africa's Transformation to Prosperity?
  • Smart Cities in the African Context: Inclusive Urban Economies;
  • Blackouts to Smart Grids: Driving the Energy Transition in Africa;
  • Mobile Tech: Bringing Financial Inclusion and Disruption to the Continent; and
  • Agriculture Transformation and Innovation.
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22 Oct 2019 11:36


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