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Social Entrepreneurship Programme

The Social Entrepreneurship Programme (SEP) is a multi-disciplinary training programme which equips participants with the necessary skills to run a business savvy, socially conscious organisation. The programme brings together the best practices in civil society with the best practices in business from around the world. The programme is designed to provide social change makers and entrepreneurs with the skills, creative thinking and networks needed to tackle the complex social and economic realities of the communities within which they work. Classes have a reputation for passionate debate as theories, experience and the diverse worlds of entrepreneurs, NGOs, business and government meet.
Programme content:
Learners can expect an interactive, challenging programme with:
  • Theory delivered in lectures and reading material
  • Analysis of socio-economic context using robust case studies and guest speakers who are leading industry authorities
  • Knowledge application through assignments, syndicate work and projects
The programme has constant assessment with pre-reading, pre-block assessments and two post-block assignments per block. The grading of the assessments follows the rigorous scrutiny and marking process as with any other GIBS programme.

Subjects include:

Action Learning Project; Business Strategy; Social Entrepreneurship; Monitoring and Evaluation; Scaling; Marketing Principles; Financial Strategy; Systems Thinking; Governance, B-BBEE and Legal Frameworks; Management for High Performance Organisations; Alternative Income Streams; Project Management

Who should attend:
  • Social entrepreneurs or anyone looking to start a social enterprise
  • Non-profit leaders
  • CSI and grant managers
  • BBBEE and transformation experts
  • Trustees of boards
  • Those working in sustainability and triple bottom line
  • Development practitioners
  • Funders
  • Government employees
How will you benefit:
  • Gain insight into the complex challenges of social change, financial sustainability and innovation;
  • Develop a deeper understanding of strategy, leadership and governance;
  • Acquire business skills in finance, operations and management; and
  • Ensure practical application of theoretical ideas to your immediate work.
To apply, go to or email az.oc.sbig@sihkud or call 011 771 4261

25 Jan 2017 10:33


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