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GIBS Centre for Dynamic Markets team wins Tony Elumelu Award

The Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) Centre for Dynamic Markets (CDM) team won the coveted Tony Elumelu Foundation Africapitalism Award for the Best Teaching Case on Sustainable Business in Africa at the sub-Saharan chapter of the annual Academy of International Business (AIB) conference hosted at the business school last week. The three-day conference formed part of the 18 AIB conference chapters around the world, with the goal of bringing together scholars, consultants and specialists in the field of international business from around the world.
The case, titled Good African: Adding value and driving development in the coffee industry, which was put together by GIBS senior lecturer and director of CDM, Dr Lyal White in collaboration with CDM researcher, Adrian Kitimbo, received great reviews.

The awards are named after Tony Elumelu, of The Tony Elumelu Foundation, an Africa-based and African-funded philanthropy, dedicated to catalysing entrepreneurship across Africa. Mr Elumelu is credited as creator and leading proponent of "Africapitalism", an economic philosophy which advocates for the private sector's commitment to Africa's development through long-term investment in strategic sectors of the economy that drive economic prosperity and social wealth. The awards are aimed at recognising, rewarding and inspiring academic excellence in tertiary institutions across Africa.

Researcher Adrian Kitimbo said, "It was an incredibly intensive case and it is always great to have one's work recognised not only amongst our African peers but global counterparts also. Working with a talented individual such as Dr White, who has such wide experience and is knowledgeable on various areas in emerging markets, was indeed a great honour."

The CDM, which comprises a team based at GIBS in Johannesburg and in Nairobi, Kenya, is dedicated to generating and sharing information about doing business in dynamic markets in order to help better inform and prepare companies and leaders to improve their general management practices in these markets. The case presented at the conference is just part of the research work done by the centre periodically.

"Congratulations to both Lyal White and Adriane Kitimbo on this accolade; not only does it highlight our research capabilities at GIBS, it puts the school on par with other internationally recognised schools," said Professor Helena Barnard, director of research at GIBS.

7 Sep 2015 11:46


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