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DQ&A appoints new commercial director as part of global growth strategy

Roan Mackintosh has joined the global DQ&A team as commercial director. Roan's experience in both business leadership and digital marketing will assist the IncuBeta subsidiary's expansion plans in both the local and global markets.
DQ&A appoints new commercial director as part of global growth strategy
“Roan has more than a decade’s worth of experience in the digital space and is well respected by his peers. We are excited to have a person of the calibre of Roan join our team and add his experience to our corporate client base,” explains Jonathan Gluckman, IncuBeta director and CEO of NMPi Asiapac and Africa. “Roan knows how to translate the technical aspects of marketing into the business language that is required to secure the C-level leadership buy-in. We are confident he will be a valuable addition to our team and we know our clients will benefit from his insight.”

Mackintosh’s experience in the digital marketing space has covered both the technical as well as the business and leadership positions and he is passionate about how technology can assist organisations reach and engage their customers.

“Digital advertising takes us away from the one-size-fits-all and the dreaded spray and pray tactics, back to the personal interaction we used to have with customers. If you had to imagine the milkman of years past who walked the streets daily and knew the neighbourhood intimately and who, over many years, would build up a direct relationship with each of his customers. This is what digital marketing allows brands to do now, but at scale. Now add the clout of cloud for marketing services (e.g. machine learning and natural language processing) and you can craft a relationship that is the right fit for individual customers, at the right moment,” he says.

Mackintosh has an honours degree in psychology, specialising in sport, and has represented South Africa at the 2003, 2007 and 2011 Touch Rugby World Cups. He has completed the Comrades Marathon and has placed in a number of mountain bike challenges. He believes his degree has helped him gain a keen insight into what motivates human behaviour and his sporting background has instilled a disciplined approach to tackling life’s challenges.

Mackintosh will join the DQ&A team at the operational headquarters in Cape Town from which it serves clients in five continents.

About IncuBeta

IncuBeta, through its brands, NMPi, DQ&A and Joystick, is a global integrated data, performance marketing, digital media, creative and technology group.

Since its inception in 1995 the group has expanded rapidly, acquiring several digital and media companies including Clicks2Customers in 2011, as well as UK-based NetMediaPlanet. It acquired global technology specialist, DQ&A, in 2015 and international digital creative specialist, Joystick, in 2018. The IncuBeta Group has access to over 400 digital marketing experts in 13 markets across five continents.

3 Jul 2019 14:41