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Huisgenoot debuts as gold Pendoring sponsor

Huisgenoot, South Africa's biggest and most popular family magazine, has, for the first time, joined the growing list of official Pendoring sponsors and makes its debut in no less than 'golden' style!
Vicki Rothman, Huisgenoot marketing manager
Vicki Rothman, Huisgenoot marketing manager
This brings the number of gold Pendoring sponsors to nine.

"Huisgenoot serves nearly 2.4 million of South Africa's 4.7 million Afrikaans speakers, therefore it makes sense for the magazine to join in and support the Pendoring Afrikaans Advertising Awards," says Vicki Rothman, Huisgenoot marketing manager.

As South Africa's oldest magazine, Huisgenoot has an obligation to its readers to promote the Afrikaans language, she adds.

"For marketers and advertisers Huisgenoot is a natural choice in which to market, and with which to associate their products. As Huisgenoot boasts the most affluent LSM-reader group, it makes even more sense to make the magazine a natural choice if you want to speak to the heart of the Afrikaans market - with buying power. In addition, more than 40 000 Huisgenoot readers chat to each other on Huisgenoot's Facebook-group.

"With its extremely popular Skouspel music shows that annually lure music lovers to Sun City from far and wide, as well as all its other projects and initiatives to promote and support Afrikaans music, Huisgenoot has become synonomous with Afrikaans music - an industry where Afrikaanse is standing tall and continues to grow every day. It is a privilege for Huisgenoot to give back to Afrikaans," says Rothman.

Japie Gouws, chairman of the Pendoring board, says the fact that Huisgenoot has decided to back Pendoring for the first time this year, speaks volumes for the growing support and loyalty of Pendoring sponsors.

3 Aug 2010 20:20