Howard Audio blasts into 2020!

Howard Audio is thrilled to have kicked off 2020 with a bang, working on some unique and interesting projects. Showcasing the different facets we offer, we began 2020 with original music compositions, album recordings, final mix and audio branding.
Here are just a few of the projects we had the privilege of working on.

Original music composition

Chicken Licken Easy Bucks

Howard Audio blasts into 2020!

Howard Audio was once again the musical force behind another Chicken Licken project (Easy Bucks). Tasked to compose a piece of music that would thread different scenes together from longer online videos, adding to the relevance and uniqueness of each scene depicted under the directorship of Karien Cherry of Giant Films.

Click here to check out the massive campaign on Chicken Licken's webpage or view the 90-sec ad here.

Audio branding

Consol Glass

Howard Audio blasts into 2020!

Howard Audio is thrilled that our audio branding project for Consol Glass was awarded a special mention in this month’s craft awards! Such a special project to work on.... thanks to Grey Africa for such an inspiring brief...

Click here to view the post.

Check out our "behind-the-scenes" video for insight into this exciting project.

Original music composition

Fatti's & Moni's Bellissimo

Howard Audio blasts into 2020!

We decided to re-record the famous “Figaro's Aria” from The Barber of Seville by Rossini. We called on tenor Mmusi Morekhure to come in and deliver the vocals. We reworked the lyrics in a humorous way. The lyrics say the product name "Bellissimo" and "Ottimo Cibo", which means great food.

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Album recordings and final mix

Howard Audio blasts into 2020!

It was an absolute privilege to have the cast of Here's to You in studio as we captured their unique arrangements of more than 20 Simon & Garfunkel classic hits under the musical directorship of Wessel Odendaal and original arrangements by Bryan Schimmel, Jaco van Rensburg, Wessel Odendaal, Daniel Keith Geddes and Matthew Vlok.

Catch the show live at Pieter Toerien's Montecasino Theatre & Studio from 31 Jan to 8 March 2020!…/

Howard Audio blasts into 2020!Howard Audio blasts into 2020!

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