Howard Audio got soul with Chicken Licken

Howard Audio is the musical force behind Chicken Licken's latest ad campaign featuring the inimitable 'Soul Sisters'. Adam Howard composed the original music and also crafted the final mix.
Directed by Greg Gray of Romance Films, the campaign delivers a humorous performance by the singing Soul Sisters trio. Inspired by the meal’s name, the brand deviates from its famous long-format film style, bringing the Soul Sisters to life in six 45” spots, and one 20” spot. The campaign takes an integrated approach to resonate with the target market; TV, social media, digital, outdoor and activations have been planned.

Each film depicts a scene where a sister needs some encouragement or celebration, and the Soul Sisters show up in support. They each showcase a cohesive female bond where women support, amplify and show up for each other in various different situations.

“This was a huge project to oversee,” says Adam Howard. “The music and audio took over two months to conceive, compose and craft. The Soul Sisters had to lip-sync to the music on the shoot itself, so the music had to be produced weeks prior. I worked closely with the creative team from Joe Public on musical direction and lyrics. We then had intensive rehearsal days in studio with Greg Gray - getting each scene completely right; lyrics, delivery and also choreography. It really was a huge team effort from everyone involved to bring this to life.”

To ensure that the musical direction reflected the values of the visuals, it was essential for Adam to be integrally involved in the shoot itself, a rare activity for a composer. “Watching Greg and his team in action was a huge thrill for me,” he says. "Greg is a master at his craft, but of course the real stars of the commercial are the Soul Sisters! - who devoted long hours in sequins and heels to bring the concept to life.”

Check out all the spots here.

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