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Last week, SA was responsible for 42 wins at the One Show 2017: six bronze, one silver, and one gold pencil, as well as 10 merit awards, with 10th spot in the country rankings. I spoke to some of the people responsible for this winning work behind the scenes. Next up is Adam Howard, owner of Howard Audio.

Pre- and post-production companies and the recording studios where the magic happens don’t usually get to bask in the limelight of big award wins like the One Show, sometimes not even receiving recognition for the work they put into those campaigns the nation loves.

Here, Adam Howard shares his input.

BizcommunityCongratulations! Talk us through the way our creative industry collaborates and gets the job done.

This award really is a case-in-point for when a great idea eventually gets rewarded, a case where a creative team work together to craft a piece. We were approached by agency – OpenCo – to produce a three-spot campaign for BMW – but right from the start, after reading the scripts, I knew this campaign would be up for some awards. The writing is witty, clever and entertaining.

Bizcommunity Getting into the nitty-gritty, elaborate on your involvement in this specific winning work.

Adam Howard, owner of Howard Audio.
Adam Howard, owner of Howard Audio.
We initially met in studio to have a pre-prod, going through the scripts, and talking about the direction of music and audio.

I composed the music first and then we went back into studio to craft the voice-over delivery, which was key in this case, and to add SFX and mix the spot.

The challenge was to really make the listener be brought into boardroom – the location of our spot – and to make sure the music added the tension where needed.

Bizcommunity Share your opinion on SA’s quality of creative work overall, especially as we ended up in 10th country ranking spot at the One Show with a gold and best of discipline in radio.

I think we have amazing talent in our local creative industries. A trip overseas makes you realise that the advertising work we produce in South Africa is right up there with the rest of the world, and the country ranking of 10th place confirms that.

Bizcommunity What are you most looking forward to from the rest of the year’s award circuit, with Cannes Lions around the corner and Loeries just a few months away?

Personally, for Howard Audio we look forward to the Loeries this year. We have been fortunate enough to have crafted the audio and music on many commercials this year, and although you can never bet on an award, we hope to bring a few birds home this year.

As do we! Keep an eye on our Loeries special section for the latest updates and revisit our One Show special section for key interviews, insights and accolades.
18 May 2017 10:30


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