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Flu vaccine uses Red Cherry Media's Spot On radio and mobile dept for a mobi-site

In the 2012 flu season, Red Cherry was approached by Siyaenza Advertising to assist with a radio campaign to encourage Flu vaccination as a joint venture with Sanofi Pasteur and Abbott Laboratories..
Using Red Cherry Media's Spot On radio Top and Tail we gave a R10k cash prize to listeners on regional radio stations. Red Cherry Media produced a radio commercial featuring Springbok rugby player Dr Jannie Du Plessis. Using this celebrity sportsman, who is qualified as a doctor, had radio hosts talking on air adding additional value and exposure.

Red Cherry Media created a mobi site ( which featured information and frequently asked questions about the flu vaccine. The reply sms from the radio spots directed listeners to the mobi site. The mobi site carried a refer a friend component which increased the database.

Based on the success of the 2012 campaign, the campaign will repeat in 2013 using radio and a newly created web site and mobi site.

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22 Apr 2013 11:21