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AD MAD responses generate interesting results

Red Cherry's interactive cinema platform, AD MAD, has changed the way advertisers use cinema! Born from the company's existing TV and Radio brands (ADS UP, WOT'Z UP and SPOT ON), AD MAD encourages a usually static audience to interact with the commercials on screen.
Once the audience has sent an sms listing all the commercials in the AD MAD slot, a response from Red Cherry asks a research question.

Recent results pertaining to age of people responding to AD MAD, generated the following stats:

< 20 yrs - 12%
21-30 yrs - 50%
31-40 yrs - 24%
41-50 yrs - 10%
> 51 yrs - 4%

Research questions are alternated randomly.

As with all Red Cherry platforms, this information is provided free of charge to our advertisers.

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13 Feb 2006 09:42