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Red Cherry Television and Pilot Pens - Straight to the point

Red Cherry's Interactive TV Platform was used by Pilot Pen to boost awareness and increase noting and liking for their Permaball TV campaign.

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Red Cherry produced an extra 10" in interactive tops & tails, as added value. The tops/tails ran in conjunction with the classic commercial on the SABC stations.

A prize of R20 000 cash was supplied by Red Cherry as added value as well.

A question relating to the commercial was asked, whereby the viewer would have to watch the commercial in order to know the answer. There were over 4 000 responses generated.

This is from those viewers actively participating with the commercial, not including the many many more viewers passively participating.

Pilot Pen was able to generate research on the product and the caller, all as added value.

The set-up and monitoring of the line was at no cost to client either.

Most importantly, Pilot Pen was able to attribute an increase in sales directly to the campaign, with consumer sales almost triple of the regular monthly sales during the month that the campaign ran.
10 Nov 2005 09:31