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Cherry Flavoured Growing Pains

The excitemement of the MOMA awards has spilled over into the corridors of Red Cherry offices. The success that Red Cherry Television has experienced over the past few years has resulted in rapid growth and the small but functional office in Rivonia is undergoing a facelift.
After all, the way the awards came flying in must mean that the "cherries" are doing something right and the new initiatives which Red Cherry is about to launch will require much more space.

On the production side Red Cherry is handling the Coca Cola Pop Stars which has turned the office into a 24-hour production war-zone.

"We never sit back and wait for the business to come to us" said Mike Glover. We are always out there looking for that new and unique opportunity which will give our clients more bang for their brands." The team is filled with bright and innovative thinkers who constantly provide clients with exceptional value for money.

It has been tough working with drills, hammers and concrete mixers churning at a frantic pace only a few metres away, but it will all be worth it in the end.

A new boardroom, entertainment bar, new foyer, a whole new wing with 4 offices on the one side and 4 new production offices on the other side. This will provide the growing number of staff with the necessary space to be creative.

It will also allow Red Cherry to host their clients more frequently in the right kind of environment.

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24 Jul 2002 23:00