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D-JAYS returns - Don't change the DStv channel!

If you're watching DStv sometime over the next two months, think twice before you change the channel during an ad break. If you do, you may miss the chance to win a huge CD hamper packed with some of the coolest artist's albums around today.
D-JAYS, the DStv music show is back for its fourth season. The concept is simple: we take some of the top DJ's in the country from K-FM, East Coast Radio, Highveld, Tuks FM and Algoa FM and use them to promote the latest music videos. We also test the viewers and ask them to name the promoted album, thus keeping them glued to the screen. An SMS number provides the entry mechanism as well as database opportunities.

The idea is to give viewers a "face behind the voice" a look at the radio stations' DJ's while finding out about the latest music at the same time. The DJ's also help the promotion by cross-promoting to DStv from their own radio show.

So look out for D-JAYS and who knows, maybe you could walk away with one of the fantastic hampers!!!

D-JAYS is produced and marketed by Red Cherry Television. For any more info call Michael on 011 807 2531.

Editorial contact
Red Cherry Television
Joanne Halliday
011 807 2531

16 Aug 2005 09:15