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Red Cherry Media produces Tiger Brands' Energade 'Cape Epic' TV stings

Red Cherry created three sets of 10" stings that will appear on the Supersport DStv channels and broadcast throughout the start and finish stages of the prestigious ABSA Cape Epic Cycle Race 2012. The concept is kept very clear and simple with a quirky, unique edge that is striking against the programming shown on Supersport. Motivated by the Energade payoff line, "It's what you put in", all the stings convey this message strongly together with the fact that Energade is clearly sponsoring this year's race.
Red Cherry Media produces Tiger Brands' Energade 'Cape Epic' TV stings
Inspired by the well-known style of animation created in the 70's called "La Linea" (The Line), the campaign has been executed similarly.

The cartoon features a cyclist, drawn as a single outline around his silhouette, cycling on an infinite line of which he is a part.

The character encounters obstacles and turns to the cartoonist, represented as a live-action hand holding a pencil, provides him a solution, being a bottle of Energade, concluded by the cyclist achieving success each time, simply because of "It's what you put in".

There are three different stories that the character participates in, so that the viewer remains intrigued.

The strong link to the ABSA Cape Epic is clear: a cyclist negotiating the challenge of rough outdoor terrain, etc., that cyclists typically experience throughout the race. The Energade bottle is a real photographic image which adds another dynamic to the style and also makes the brand the hero.

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2 Apr 2012 12:26