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Red Cherry Media produces M-Net Cares show in conjunction with Rhodes Food Group

The education needs in impoverished areas across the country are being addressed by M-Net Cares in conjunction with Touch Africa (NPO) and Red Cherry Media.
Red Cherry Media produces M-Net Cares show in conjunction with Rhodes Food Group
In 2011, we saw M-Net and the staff taking on an after-school facility project in the South of Johannesburg.

The after-school class was started by a young man - David Sithole, whose aim is to provide children with homework assistance and a place of safety after school while their parents are still at work.

M-Net Cares and Rhodes Food Group invested in the installation of an after-school container classroom in Devland, which will see many school children over time benefitting.

Included in the container classroom is a computer, fitted shelves, books, desks, chairs and stationary.

The classroom is now a safe and happy environment for the children to study in.

M-Net Cares not only invested financially in this project but also had staff involvement, as they identified the project.

Red Cherry Media, together with their NPO and Section 21 registered company - Touch Africa, are pioneering the notion of "getting the marketing department to talk to the CSI department".

It is fast becoming a marketing tool for donors who see the value in broadening their reach through non-traditional advertising spend, to encompass the companies CSI efforts.

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