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At last - A drinking and driving solution!

Good Fellas is gearing up for Gauteng and wow is it going to be big!!! Check out
The Northern suburbs of Johannesburg is the first phase and rollout is scheduled for May 2005.

Response from the corporate market, restaurants, casinos and the pub patron has been fantastic and the Good Fellas team have no doubt that subscribers will roll in once we hit the go button.

The team is made up of Mike Glover who will handle sales with the primary focus being the corporate market, Joanne Halliday will head up promotions for this dynamic team and Deon Nel will look after recruitment and training.

"It's going to be fast and furious and our timing for the Joburg launch is perfect with the clamp down on drinking and driving," says Glover.

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26 Apr 2005 09:26


Already being done-
This isn't a novel concept really. Toot 'n Scoot have been successfully doing chauffeuring the vrot for a while now. Their fold-up scooters find you and fit in your boot so the driver can get you and your vehicle home so you’re not left stranded at home the next morning while your car remains at your place of indulgence. Hopefully this service offers something similar.
Posted on 28 Apr 2005 10:33
maybe done but this is better-
seems like Good fellas offer even better - two drivers - one to drive the vrot one home and the other to follow in the second car. seems more secure
Posted on 3 May 2005 23:44