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Red Cherry Television sweeps MOMA awards

The media industry came in their droves dressed in a variety of Fantasy Island themes, to the 10th annual MOMA Awards (Marketing Mix - Media owners marketing awards) last night. TV channels, radio stations, magazine publishers, media sales houses, outdoor, print, internet and other players who control the media in South Africa all gathered for the fun filled event in Rivonia, Johannesburg.
The competition gets hotter every year as media owners launch new initiatives to capture the attention of the marketers and the public to increase their spend on their turf.

Red Cherry Television swept the floor with 5 Awards in total.
They were 3 Criteria awards which were: Showing a return on investment; Understanding Objectives and Proactive solutions that add value. The TV and Cinema category award and the main MOMA Award for the year 2002.

This is a sweet reward after 10 years of hard work for Red Cherry. They have become the leaders in Interactive advertising in South Africa offering clients exceptional service which includes increase in Noting of their commercial, interactivity with consumer, market research while running their normal campaign, database building ability, and getting instant feedback about the effectiveness of the campaign by being able to follow the progress on-line.

"We give our clients more Bang for their brands" said Mike Glover, MD of Red Cherry Television. "We appeal to consumer needs and we use technology to make them interact with the brand and client."

In April, Red Cherry did a campaign for Wendy’s USA which increased the sales of Wendy’s fried chicken by 10% instantly, proving that the Red Cherry formula works as well in the USA as it does in SA.

Red Cherry are constantly inventing new ideas in the interactive
advertising game, aiming to offer the marketer more value and impact.

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24 May 2002 09:56