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Teaching American chickens how to fly the South African way

Red Cherry Television did an interactive TV campaign for Wendy's in the USA. The campaign ran on WBAL to service the Washington area franchisees. The result was an astonishing 10% increase in sales of Wendy's Fried Chicken. Teaching American chickens how to fly the South African way.
In their drive to increase the sale of their fried chicken, Wendy's USA embarked on an Interactive advertising campaign with Red Cherry Television and WBAL in Baltimore.

The campaign ran from 10th to 30th April on WBAL in Baltimore for the franchisees in the Baltimore and Washington areas. They were looking to use a new approach to communicate the "Wendy's Fried Chicken" message to reach new consumers. Past attempts were not as successful and Red Cherry had to provide the solution.

"The most salient feature of our service has become the market research information which is extracted from each campaign and the dramatic increase in Noting" said Mike Glover MD of Red Cherry Television.

The interactive campaign was therefore also used to do some valuable research into the habits of potential Wendy's consumers. The expected research sample rate on TV is in the many hundreds, which is more impressive than the normal research routs.

Some of the questions Wendy's asked were:
Do you eat fried chicken?
Have you ever tried Wendy's fried chicken?
Where do you buy fried chicken?
What factors are most important when choosing a fast food dinner?

"The sales and research results were astonishing" said Mike. "The sales of Wendy's fried chicken soared by 10% proving that the Red Cherry formula works as well in the USA as it does in South Africa."

And the research they acquired will give Wendy's a clear indication of future strategic opportunity as well as an insight into the fast food consumer's mind.

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23 May 2002 10:16