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Toyota Camry success story

Red Cherry's Interactive TV Platforms, namely WOT'Z UP & ADS UP were used by Toyota Camry to boost awareness and increase noting and liking for their January campaign.
Red Cherry produced & flighted an extra 10" in tops & tails on all the eTV "WOT'Z UP" spots & the MNet "ADS UP" spots.

A prize of R20 000 cash was supplied by Red Cherry as added value as well.

A question relating to the commercial was asked, whereby the viewer would have to watch the commercial in order to know the answer.

There was an amazing 26 827 viewers who sms'ed their answer to the number on screen.

From just 16 spots, that's an average of 1 677 responses per spot, which is 700% higher than the average of all campaigns on WOT'Z UP & ADS UP in January.

This is from those viewers actively participating with the commercial (actually sms'ing); never mind the many many more viewers passively participating.

The only cost to client was the cost of their spot; everything else was added value, as it is whenever using Red Cherry's Interactive Platforms.

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3 Mar 2005 07:38