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Partnering with Red Cherry Media sister company, NPO Touch Africa, bearing fruit

Touch Africa, a registered NPO and sister company to Red Cherry Media, has been operating for the past five years. Our goal is to "make school a better place" for children in impoverished areas, particularly in the Eastern Cape and Transkei.
The state of the Department of Education in the Eastern Cape has made headlines in the past few months. Serious problems exist in the province related to learner transport, school nutrition, lack of learning and teacher support materials, and the more serious issues with regard to the dire lack of infrastructure.

These problems have existed for many years and while the onus should rest on the shoulders of government, civil society and corporate South Africa has a crucial role to play to ensure that children are given every opportunity to learn and develop in order to become useful citizens of the future.

Touch Africa has been working tirelessly to improve conditions for many years with measurable success.Our current need is for investment partners to ensure that our work continues well into the future.

Some success stories include the Walmer High School in Port Elizabeth, Youth for Change in Eldorado Park, Ilitha Creche in Storms River and the Ngwara Primary School (Transkei).

By partnering with our organisation, companies will have the benefit of a Section 18a tax certificate, be in a position to claim Empowerdex points, have a website link, be profiled on all Touch Africa projects countrywide as well as receive television exposure.

A partnership with Touch Africa is the perfect opportunity for those companies who do not have a formal CSI department and are not sure where they should invest their CSI spend.

To find out more on how you can get involved contact Jenna from Red Cherry on 082 330 9778/ or Elise Fish from Touch Africa on 076 170 6449 / .

9 May 2011 12:22