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Red Cherry's Frontline Plus campaign

Frontline Plus, which is a tick and flea control for dogs and cats, incorporated Red Cherry's Interactive Radio Platforms into their January/February campaign.
SPOT ON & WOT'Z UP, ran across several regional & national radio stations.

The Interactive radio concept was used to increased noting of the commercial; create active and passive target market participation; create a point of difference and break through the clutter.

A top & tail were added to the existing radio commercial, increasing the duration by an extra 20" - this was at no cost to client.

The top included a question related to the commercial - creating instant interest, as well as a cash prize offering. Red Cherry supplied the cash prize.

Over the two-week campaign period, Frontline Plus generated over 1 793 calls.

Research about callers' views on tick/flea control was generated at no additional cost to client.

In incorporating Red Cherry's Interactive Radio Platforms, Frontline Plus received over 81% added value in the form of prizes/extra airtime and research.

Editorial contact
Red Cherry Television
Joanne Halliday
011 807 2531

1 Mar 2005 09:26