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Vaseline Lotion gets Healthy & Touchable with Red Cherry

To launch their new commercial, Vaseline Lotion made use of Red Cherry's ADS UP and WOT'Z UP tops and tails on MNet and e-TV respectively. The topped and tailed commercial flighted from the 22nd November to the 30th December and over that period received a record breaking 23 850 entries.
This equated to an average of 555 entries per fighting with some spots attracting up to and over 1000 sms per flighting, the cherry on the top was a whopping 2634 entries achieved in one single fligting on e-TV. To put things into perspective, the average entries across all Red Cherry campaigns during the months of November and December was 220!

A 5 digit sms shortcode was used as the point of entry in this case, rather than an 083 phone-in number and viewers were enticed by a R20 000 cash prize as well as 10 Vaseline product hampers. Viewers were asked to sms the answer to the following question : Vaseline give you H------ & T-------- skin, the answer being Healthy & Touchable and 98% of entrants got the answer right.

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Red Cherry Television
Joanne Halliday
011 807 2531

1 Feb 2005 02:24