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Red Cherry TV launches the new ultra-cool Themecases

Themecase - the new ultra-cool pencil case. The Themecase is not just any pencil case, but rather an extension of our individual personalities, young and old! The new Themecase allows you to have an ever changing pencil case by simply changing your Themecard as often as you like.
The following Themecards are now available: BAD BOY/ BAD GIRL / EA GAMES / CARTOON NETWORK. Look out for special edition cards coming out soon.

Red Cherry TV created a 30" commercial focusing on the Themecase as well as a series of 5" stings showcasing the different themes available on the Themecards. We then topped and tailed the 30" commercial with ADS UP / WOT'Z UP tops and tails for added impact and noting. The point of entry was a sms shortcode rather than a IVR phone in number which is a lot more appealing to the youth market, with a Playstation 2 being offered as the prize. Kids were asked to sms the name of the new case.

Needless to say the results have been overwhelming, not only did 100% of all kids that entered answer the question correctly, but we received phenomenal entries too. The campaign has thus far received an average of 588 sms per flighting across M-Net and e-TV, a total of over 7000 entries in just three weeks. In fact, we had a record breaking 1811 entries on the 26th Dec from one single flighting, Themecase then managed to exceed even that with 2063 entries on the 9th Jan.

Not only have Themecases excelled in terms of call volumes, but have also excelled in terms of sales, to date they have sold out their first orders from the retailers and are on second orders from all leading retailers.

With a start like this Themecase promises to be the next 'coolest' school accessory in the years ahead.

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26 Jan 2005 09:56