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Reality never smelled this good

POD Communications teams up with Red Cherry Media to produce reality series for Revlon 24Seven.

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POD Communications created a highly interactive and creative campaign to drive sales and brand awareness for Revlon 24Seven, a men's deodorant and category differentiator in the market.

The big idea behind the campaign was to get people to understand what a 24Seven man was all about, while at the same time pushing the guys to learn new things and getting them to test their limits.

POD and Red Cherry Media worked together to create a dynamic mechanic where consumers would purchase product, enter the competition via an on-pack sticker, and then stand the chance to appear on a reality TV show! The series highlighted the different traits of being: BOLD, ENERGETIC, AMBITIOUS, CONFIDENT AND DYNAMIC (the traits of a Revlon 24Seven man) in separate episodes that concentrated on relevant tasks that were applicable to that value.

Red Cherry Media was approached by POD to produce, direct and manage the entire campaign that ranged from pre-promo spots, promo spots and a series of six 'reality' episodes. Red Cherry also negotiated and booked all the media airtime. It was an epic undertaking that took many exciting weeks of planning and preparation by all involved. After the six finalists were chosen, from thousands of entrants, the real fun began. The object of the show, in addition to finding the ultimate 24Seven Man was also about imparting skills and knowledge to both the contestants and the audience. They were taken on bungee jumps, taught advanced driving skills, learned how to start a company and how to cook.

For both POD and Red Cherry Media it was an exhilarating month packed with surprises, a crazy, hectic schedule and some spectacular filming. From Orlando Towers in Soweto, to the Kyalami Race Track, everyone pulled out all the stops to make this an exciting and watchable series. Revlon 24Seven Skillz has been showing on every Tuesday night and they plan to go even bigger and better next year.

1 Dec 2010 02:02