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Red Cherry TV/radio/mobile campaigns generate three times more leads for Avbob!

Avbob Mutual Society has been using Red Cherry's interactive TV and radio platforms since 2007 and more recently our mobile platforms as well.

Click to view the TV commercial [1MB]
On TV and radio, Red Cherry 'top & tail's Avbob's classic commercials with the well-known SPOT ON AND WOT'Z UP brands.

The 'top' includes a question related to the commercial.
Unlike other campaigns, for Avbob we do not include a prize due to the nature of the brand.
The on-air question is rhetorical, i.e. "Do you need a funeral policy?"
This gets instant interest, as only those who need/want more information about a funeral policy will pay attention.
So, right from the start we are targeting only those in our target market who have a need for the brand.

The classic brand commercial runs and we then add a 'tail' to the end.
The tail encourages those who want an Avbob representative to contact them, to sms.
Instead of having to call a call centre/go into a branch, the consumer will have someone contact them within a few days.
Red Cherry supplies this database to Avbob every second day.

The firm database has been used for targeted mobile marketing campaigns including sms and MMS.

Red Cherry monitors the campaign on a daily basis and the response data is uploaded to the Red Cherry website for client to view.
This instant monitoring enables Red Cherry to make sure all TV/radio spots and mobile messages are flighting and more importantly enables us to measure which medium, which spot and which time channel gets the most firm leads.
Our analysis can also tell client which medium is the most cost-effective in terms of leads, which is extremely beneficial to return on investment.

By using Red Cherry's interactive platforms one is able to increase noting of the commercial (as proven by Adtrack), break through the clutter, create active and passive target market participation, and most importantly generate a database of leads.

The most amazing result of Avbob using Red Cherry is that there are three times more leads generated.

When using Red Cherry's interactive platforms the 10" top/tail airtime, production of the top/tail, sms line set-up, monitoring and response, database generation and cash prize (if used) is all added value to the client.

Click here to listen to the radio commercial [1MB]

1 Jul 2010 10:54