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Red Cherry's interactive TV campaign for Toilet Duck

Red Cherry's Interactive TV Platforms, namely WOT'Z UP and ADS UP were used by SCJ Toilet Duck to boost awareness and increase noting and liking for their August/September campaign.
All the WOT'Z UP (eTV) and ADS UP (MNet) spots had an extra 10" top/tail in addition to the classic ad.

Red Cherry produced & flighted the extra 10" at no cost to client.

A prize of R20 000 cash was supplied by Red Cherry on both WOT'Z UP and ADS UP as added value as well.

The top included the prize offering & a question relating to the commercial, ensuring interest throughout the commercial.

The tail included a 08... number, which over 1 800 viewers called to enter the competition.

From just 9 spots that's an average of 202 calls per spot!

The total average from all campaigns on ADS UP and WOT'Z UP combined was 161 - therefore SCJ had 25% more calls on average.

In incorporating Red Cherry's Interactive TV Platforms, SCJ received over 65% added value from the additional airtime and prizes.

Editorial contact
Red Cherry Television
Joanne Halliday
011 807 2531

3 Oct 2004 11:53