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Red Cherry's Catwoman campaign

Nu Metro incorporated Red Cherry's Interactive Radio Platform, namely "SPOT ON" into the Catwoman campaign in August.
The Interactive concept was used to increase noting of the commercial; create active and passive target market participation; break through the clutter and research the target market.

A top & tail were added to the existing commercial, increasing the duration by 20" - this was at no cost to client.

The top included a question related to the commercial - creating instant interest, as well as a cash prize offering. Red Cherry supplies the cash prize.

There were over 550 calls generated.

There were 25 calls received on average per flighting. This is 127% more than the total average for all SPOT ON campaigns in August.

In incorporating Red Cherry's Interactive Radio Platform - "SPOT ON", Nu Metro received over 113% added value in the form of prizes/extra airtime/research and database information.

Editorial contact
Red Cherry Television
Joanne Halliday
011 807 2531

30 Sep 2004 08:28