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Red Cherry's interactive radio campaign for UIP

UIP incorporated SPOT ON, Red Cherry's Interactive Radio Platform, into two movie campaigns in July/August 2004, namely Mean Girls & Chronicles of Riddick.
Red Cherry produced a top & tail, which ran in conjunction with the client's radio commercial.

The production and airtime for the top & tail was at no cost to UIP, as it forms part of Red Cherry's added value offering. The top & tail that was produced increased the 20" commercials to 40".

Red Cherry offered UIP the opportunity to research the callers, and generate a firm database of those that wanted to receive more information on upcoming UIP movies. Red Cherry monitored the call volumes and research received every 24 hrs, and all information was placed on the Red Cherry website for clients perusal. The research and the database are provided as added value when using Red Cherry's Interactive Platforms. Any area where you require insight into the consumer or potential consumer can be researched when using the Red Cherry's Interactive TV/Radio Platforms. Prizes, in the form of 20 movie tickets per movie, were supplied by Red Cherry as part of the added value offering.

Between Mean Girls & Chronicles of Riddick there were 947 calls generated from flightings on 5FM. The Interactive concept was used to increased noting of the commercial; create active & passive target market participation; generate valuable research and a database, create a point of difference and break through the clutter.

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27 Sep 2004 09:10