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Johnson & Johnson Clean & Clear and Spot On

SPOT ON radio was used by Clean & Clear to boost brand awareness and increase noting and liking for their June/July campaign.
The SPOT ON commercials flighted across 5FM and Metro and over this period a massive 5171 calls were generated.

Of the 5171 callers, 98% answered the competition question correctly, which shows fabulous comprehension of the commercial.

Rather than offering one big prize to encourage listeners to enter, Clean & Clear chose to give-away multiple smaller prizes, so that as many entrants as possible had the opportunity to win. This resulted in a tremendous increase of entries compared to the previous campaign.

Listeners could enter via SMS or phone line to the same number.

Red Cherry produced & flighted tops & tails, set up the competition lines & generated research for Clean & Clear, all as part of the added value they offer.

In addition to the research, a firm database was generated of all callers who wanted to receive more information & be contacted by Clean & Clear in the future.

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2 Aug 2004 14:27