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Youth Dynamix and Red Cherry

Youth Dynamix and Red Cherry recently completed a unique campaign for the new Nokia 6220 Navigation handset.
As part of an integrated campaign which included shopping centres, guerilla marketing, Youth Dynamix contracted Red Cherry to add a unique element to this campaign which would speak to the youth. The objectives were to capture the target audience's attention, continue the innovation of the Nokia brand and highlight the unique features of the Navigation handset.

Red Cherry created both a mobile game and a supporting mobi site for the Navigation campaign focusing on the ease of use of the new Navigation phoneThe branded mobile game served to act as an innovative mobile tool that educated consumers on the ease of use of the Navigation elements, as well as expose the player to Nokia branding.

The game was simple yet effective - players could start off by choosing a character that had to make its way around town and complete set tasks in a certain amount of time. The only way the tasks could be completed was by using the navigation aspects to find and access the tasks. In order to make the game more exciting, pitfalls were added which would steal airtime. If you don't have enough airtime you'd have to visit the Nokia Store in the game to top up.

To extend on the campaign and add an additional incentive to play “Around Town”, a competition was built into the game. Entrants who played the game and registered via the game were entered into a draw for a prize for two to go to NASA worth over R230,000! To ensure further integration into the campaign, the draw was held at the shopping centre activations ensuring a meshing of the virtual and real worlds.

The mobile game proved to be an extremely element of the Navigation campaign with over 10,000 downloads of the game. Once again the success of mobile entertainment can not be underestimated!

16 Mar 2009 11:18