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D-JAYS - The Return

March 1 2004 will see the return of D-JAYS, the interactive music show, to DSTV viewer's screens. D-JAYS first flighted in March 2003 and received well over 7 000 entries in 3 months.
The idea of the show is simple. We take the hottest DJs from the coolest radio stations around the country, and give them the latest and funkiest albums to promote courtesy of the top record companies.

Filming takes place in their very own studio, allowing the viewer a "behind the scene glimpse". Our DJ then introduces a music video from the artist they are promoting and asks a question relating to the artist and/or their music video. We show 30" of the music video, and follow it up with a number that viewers can call to win copies of the album. Simple, easy and effective.

So look out for D-JAYS and you could be a winner.

Editorial contact
Red Cherry Television
Joanne Halliday
011 807 2531

2 Feb 2004 23:30