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Timbercity's TV campaign a success using Red Cherry’s WOT’Z UP / ADS UP

Timbercity made use of Red Cherry's Interactive TV Platforms in their TV campaign between 28 November – 23 December.
The WOT'Z UP/ ADS UP concept was used to increased noting of the commercial; create active & passive target market participation; generate valuable research and a database, create a point of difference and break through the clutter.

Traditionally, ADS UP runs on MNet & WOT'Z UP runs on eTV, but since the Timbercity commercial was flighting across SABC 2 & 3, eTV & MNet, Red Cherry produced a customised top & tail to be used on any TV station.

The top & tail ran in conjunction with the existing TV commercial. The production & airtime for the top & tail was at no cost to Timbercity, as it forms part of Red Cherry's added value.

The top & tail gave them an extra 10 seconds in airtime.

The top included the offer of a prize & a graphic of "Chippie". Red Cherry supplied a prize of R20 000 cash.

The top also included an on-air question about the commercial ensuring instant interest. The question asked was related how many specials were advertised in the commercial.

The Tail included an 08... number which encouraged viewers to call to answer the on-air question & win the prize.

There were over 6 630 calls received! And all those callers were researched. Red Cherry generated valuable research about the Timbercity consumer & potential consumer, with regards to their knowledge, perception & dealings of Timbercity. Research by programme & station was analysed.

Red Cherry also generated a database of those callers who want to receive updates from Timbercity. There was no cost at all to Timbercity for the research & database - again, forming part of Red Cherry's added value.

Any area where you require insight into the consumer or potential consumer can be researched when using the Red Cherry Interactive Platforms.

All in all, the Timbercity campaign got 11% more calls on average, than the average for all active brands in that period, not to mention over 4 000 requests to receiving Timbercity updates by email or post.

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Red Cherry Television
Joanne Halliday
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31 Jan 2004 16:27