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Red Cherry Television's Scotchbrite® campaign

3M approached Red Cherry to assist them with a TV & Radio campaign for their Scotchbrite® range. Red Cherry offered 3M a "one-stop shop" for the production of the TV & Radio commercial as well as media placement.
In the June/July campaign, the commercial generated 6 821 calls on Red Cherry's eTV Platform - WOT'Z UP. On Red Cherry's Radio Platform SPOT ON there were over 1 600 calls generated.

In September, the commercial generated over 6 980 calls on WOT'Z UP on eTV. On SPOT ON Radio there were 4 399 calls received.

More than 2 000 callers requested that they be part of a "Scotchbrite®" club in June/July and 3 223 callers did the same during the September campaign.

The commercial itself was adapted from the international campaign using the "Scotchbrite® Please" jingle and giving it a South African feel. In the commercial well-known food author Dora Sithole is faced with a kitchen full of dirty dishes and a Scotchbrite® scourer: the end result is a pot so clean and shiny, that her teenage daughter is caught using it to see her reflection in it.

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Red Cherry Television
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29 Oct 2003 14:58