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Opel Meriva success with ADS UP and WOT'Z UP

Opel have incorporated the Red Cherry Platforms into their new Opel Meriva campaign. In using ADS UP (MNet) and WOT'Z UP (eTV) there have been over 7 800 calls generated between 5 - 22 October! The eTV Sunday night movie getting close to 1000 calls from one flighting.
There have also been over 400 callers so far who have requested that an Opel representative contact them with regards to the new Opel Meriva. Red Cherry have supplied the database to Opel. Sales, sales, sales!

Editorial contact
Red Cherry Television
Joanne Halliday
011 807 2531

27 Oct 2003 23:45


Show them-
Well done to the planners and strat people @ Opel and also to the sales person @ Red Cherry. It's about time that the mould gets broken. Come on all the rest....try something new....and give us feedback. It's great for the agency and the client and the medium. Thank you to bizcommunity for giving the industry a mouthpiece!!!! Now, let's talk!!!!!
Posted on 28 Oct 2003 12:39