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Some more Red Cherry successes

Red Cherry Television gives feedback on the wonderfully successful campaigns that they did for McDonald's and Toyota Tazz.
McDonald's - Happy Meal
McDonald's used the WOT'Z UP Platform on eTV in the "Sitting Ducks" Happy Meal campaign during July.

Red Cherry gave McDonald's a Playstation2 to give away to the lucky caller.

Over 14 000 viewers called in to the competition.

Red Cherry was able to research those callers in terms of McDonald's research objectives.

The research, prize & extra 10" from the Interactive top & tails were all added value, and did not cost McDonald's any more than their existing commercial cost.

Toyota Tazz
After a phenomenal response to the Tazz commercial which incorporated the ADS UP (MNet) & WOT'Z UP (eTV) Interactive Platforms, we saw huge call volumes generated from a wide variety of programmes.

1 flighting in Ricki Lake (eTV) & 1 flighting in Jamie Kennedy (MNet) generated over 1000 calls each!

Toyota actually incorporated the Red Cherry Interactive Platforms into 4 of their campaigns running in August.

A total number of 17 171 calls were generated from Toyota campaigns alone.

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8 Sep 2003 18:32