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Yum Yum success story

Nola and The Agency used Red Cherry Media to run the 2008 Yum Yum Peanut Butter promotion.

Click here to view the ad (3MB)
Red Cherry acted as a one-stop shop for client by producing the TV commercial, planning and booking the media and also running the mobile marketing applications.

Red Cherry's Interactive platforms assisted in increasing noting of the commercial; creating active and passive target market participation as well as generating a database of leads for future marketing.

The commercial aimed at the youth market, generated over 27 000 sms's!

Consumers had to purchase a Yum Yum product and sms the barcode as proof of purchase - making the number of responses even more amazing!
The average number of responses per spot was 16% higher in the Yum Yum campaign than any other Interactive campaign running in the same period.

Nearly 20% of all respondents said that they would like Yum Yum to contact them in the future with regards to upcoming promotions.
Red Cherry's Mobile marketing division - Red Cherry Connect, can look at innovative ways of communicating to this database in the future…

When using Red Cherry for ‘Interactive' campaigns the following is added value:
Additional ‘interactive' airtime; pooled Cash prize; sms line set-up and monitoring; research/database generation; etc.

The true success of the campaign came not only from the interactive results but most importantly, actual sales.
Sales achieved were double the projection!

24 Apr 2008 10:39


Time for some change-
Peanut butter is great(not in a plastic jar). But they can always change into a recycleable, glass bottle. Mayonaisse range needs a light/low fat option.
Posted on 24 Apr 2008 17:01