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Red Cherry Television success stories

Red Cherry Television reports back on the great response generated by their ADS UP/WOT'Z UP ad campaigns for Canderel, Toyota Tazz and Speedy.
Canderel used ADS UP for their June/July campaign. From only 6 flightings incorporating the Red Cherry interactive platforms they were able to generate a database of nearly 2000 consumers who had not as yet tasted the new Canderel chocolate but wanted to. These people provided us with their contact details and Canderel sent them a sample.

Over 8300 calls were generated from the Toyota Tazz commercial between 27 July and 7 August. That was only from 10 ADS UP/WOT'Z UP flightings. On average there were more than 800 viewers that actively participated.

Speedy received 925 calls from one flighting on Saturday night on etv during Tango and Cash. Goes to show that the old movies still have good viewership!

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24 Aug 2003 15:44