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Red Cherry's Interactive Radio brand - WOT'Z UP - is now on all the Student Radio Network stations!

WOT'Z UP Radio - one of Red Cherry's Interactive brands, will now be running on the Student Radio Network stations and will deliver all the benefits to advertisers that incorporate the WOT'Z UP brand with their classic commercial.
Some of the benefits of incorporating the Interactive brands are being able to generate a firm database, valuable research, insight into the consumers comprehension and awareness of the brand name/commercial, increased noting, etc.

Why SRN?

Students are the most interactive and dynamic market, so much so that the Red Cherry/Student Radio Network partnership makes perfect business sense. Student Radio Network have created the best possible platform to engage with this dynamic market, ensuring comprehensive coverage within the group of broadcasters that appeal directly to the student market. The simple philosophy within Student Radio Network is that this market is today's students, tomorrow's leaders. These are the people that will not only become South Africa's leaders but leaders across the World. The student market is the most lucrative market available and Student Radio Network is the most direct channel to this market.

If you are interested in adding Interactive Radio/ TV to your advertising campaigns contact Red Cherry -
JHB/DBN: (011) 807 2531
CT: (021) 424-6603

10 Mar 2008 10:28


Not their stations-
Be carefull of how you word it! The stations do not belong to SRN. SRN merely acts as an agent like many other agencies that deals with the stations in the same way. So it's not Student Radio Network stations. It's stations that has SRN as an agent sourcing ads.
Posted on 19 Mar 2008 23:08