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Red Cherry Interactive and BigBrave develop and launch Tru-Cape's new mobile game

Red Cherry Interactive was briefed by Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing, the largest exporter of South African apples and pears, into more than 104 countries, around the globe, to conceptualise, develop and launch a new mobile game. The objective? Develop a game that would help educate the consumer on the process of running their very own apple and pear farm. From planting, growing, picking and cleaning; to sorting, packaging, transporting and selling produce to various suppliers, Fruit-Full takes players on an exciting and educational journey full of fun twists and turns that keep them coming back for more. Red Cherry Interactive joined forces with BigBrave to make this a successful reality.
Red Cherry Interactive and BigBrave develop and launch Tru-Cape's new mobile game

In order to successfully launch the Fruit-Full game into the market, Red Cherry Interactive developed and implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy that covered TV, radio, digital and social media platforms with the main aim of driving awareness, ensuring reach and encouraging download of the game amongst the target market. The results? With high-noting on programmatic campaigns and over 3000 downloads, the target market was reached head-on, providing them with a mobile game that is the first of its kind, driven by the pure love of fruit and learning.

Conrad Fick, Tru-Cape marketing director stated that, “Tru-Cape approached Red Cherry to provide a solution for the development of the Tru-Cape game. They researched potential suppliers, and provided a solution in the form of BigBrave. They also worked with us and Big Brave to coordinate the development of the game to make sure it met our requirements and objectives as well as provided solutions to market the launch of Fruit-Full.”

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12 Dec 2017 12:08