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Jenna Murray-Smith: A driving force behind the Red Cherry legacy

Jenna Murray-Smith, one of the driving forces behind the 23-year-old Red Cherry legacy, has recently been appointed Managing Director. “It's exciting times for us,”, says CEO Mike Glover, “and Jenna's contribution in the last 15 years has put our exciting Red Cherry brand firmly on the map.” Glover goes on to say, “We have evolved to such an extent that we need the likes of Jenna to take the lead.”
Jenna Murray Smith
Jenna Murray Smith

Red Cherry Interactive is an interactive branded content company who works with clients and agencies to:
  • Produce branded content: TV and radio commercials, shows, AV’s, digital content
  • Book media: TV/radio/print or any other media bookings
  • Run supporting activations: Branded vehicles
  • Conceptualise and execute concepts and campaigns from start to finish
For more information on how to make your branded content really connect, contact Jenna Murray Smith on (011) 807 2531 or at . You can also visit our website to find out more:

14 Sep 2017 11:53