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The price of Sunlight may be coming down but entries have gone through the roof

Sunlight made use of customised ADS UP top and tails for their Sept - Nov campaign to boost awareness of the fact that the price of Sunlight Washing Powder was coming down.

Click here to view the ad (1MB)
We simply asked viewers at home to tell us which favourite washing powder now has a new lower price and received a whopping record breaking 120 000+ sms entries over the campaign period. The incentive to participate was a R20 000 cash prize.

The entries were followed up by a reply sms to all entrants reminding them to get their Sunlight at a new lower price in store.

Not only did this campaign break all Red Cherry records, but broke them by far, with triple the amount of entries more than the next nearest campaign which finished off at a total of approximately 40 000 entries.

15 Jan 2007 15:49