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AXE and Red Cherry Television

Red Cherry Television was commissioned by AXE deodorant to introduce interactivity to their successful TV campaign that announced their name change from Ego to AXE. Red Cherry Television's interactive products ADS UP and WOT'Z UP were the perfect choice for AXE.
Not only could they gauge response to their commercial by the number of viewers calling in, but they could also ask valuable research questions in order to ascertain the perception of the name change amongst their target market.

And what a response!!!

The commercial received over 20 000 telephone calls over its flighting period from 20/08/2002 to 01/09/2002 and provide AXE with invaluable research.

All in all, another AXE Effect and Red Cherry Television success story.

Editorial contact
Red Cherry Television
Michael Solomon
+27 11 807 2531

17 Oct 2002 13:01