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The MNet Show is back!

The MNET Show is back every night from Monday to Saturday at 7pm. Once again Marius Roberts and Elana Afrika are rewarding loyal MNET/DSTV households, while providing great value to advertisers by giving away their prizes on the show. The advertiser benefits from over R150 000 worth of airtime and production for a cost of R30k.

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Our MNET Show van will be showing up at subscriber's houses, and surprising them and their families with great prizes. The van will also be visiting charities and donating helpful prizes to them. And don't forget, if you see our MNET Show van in your neighborhood, you can win a brand new car by SMSing the number on the van.

It's easy to be a part of this great show as a prize sponsor. Give Red Cherry a call on 011-807-2531 and ask for any one of our sales executives. In the mean time, keep your eyes peeled for the MNET Show van and catch the show on MNET, Monday to Saturday at 7pm.

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3 May 2006 09:32