Synovate's record rugby pass

Global Market Research company, Synovate, is attempting to complete the longest rugby pass during the Rugby World Cup 2011.
Kicking off at Synovate's offices in New Zealand, the authentic RWC ball is making its way from one Synovate office to the next, this week arriving in Johannesburg South Africa.

Before arriving in Johannesburg, the ball travelled to Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Dubai, Kenya.

From South Africa, the ball is making its way to Russia, Sweden, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador and Peru.

By the time the ball touches down for its last time, it will have travelled approximately 64 000 km.

Featured below are some pics of Synovate's Johannesburg with the jet setting rugby ball

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Synovate's record rugby pass

3 Oct 2011 12:07