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Liqui Fruit juices up their appearance

Established more than 30 years ago and famously known by the slogan 'Nothing but Fruit', South African beverage manufacturer Liqui Fruit, the originator of long shelf life pure fruit juice has had to reassess their corporate branding to maintain their competitive advantage. Liqui Fruit approached Just Design, a brand design agency head quartered in Stellenbosch, to assist with upgrading their branding.
Liqui Fruit juices up their appearance
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Liqui Fruit's client brief requested that the packaging promote the nutritional message displayed on the packaging of the beverage, highlighting the fact that it contains no added sugar or preservatives and is 100% fruit juice. At the same time, it was essential that the packaging supported the overview of Liqui Fruit's family brand and wholesome nutritional benefits.

Liqui Fruit juices up their appearance
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Liqui Fruit juices up their appearance
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Just Design's brand redesign concept purposely focused of Liqui Fruit's 'Nothing but Fruit' slogan, by upgrading the visual identity displayed on packaging, while retaining the elements that make Liqui Fruit a familiar and popular brand. The creative team visually expressed the particular variant on the front panel, while using minimal white space around the packaging.

The creatives noticed that previous packaging imagery was minimal and generic. Just Design decided to reshoot the images of the fruit, display a fuller more vibrant Fruit. This immediately distinguished Liqui Fruit from its on shelf competitors. The bold colours and natural fruit imagery complement the existing freshness and naturalness associated with the brand in previous campaigns.

The concept of putting bright coloured fruit onto the standard range inspired the design of Liqui Fruit's iCan initiative and Sparkling range. The Liqui Fruit iCan is a collaborative between Liqui Fruit and the Miles for Smiles foundation, to raise funds for Operation Smile, a NPO volunteer medical services organization that provides reconstructive facial surgery to indigent children and young adults.

The Sparkling range featured bright coloured circles illustrating the fruit in its simplest form. The use of circles were also synonymous with bubbles promoting the 'sparkling' factor within the beverage. The iCan range had the same concept as Sparkling but made use of solid bright splashes and active figures. The use of the design was stimulate activity and in the case of iCan, to promote the opportunity of doing good.

By implementing these brand changes Just Design successfully 'Refreshed' Liqui-Fruit's brand; made the consumer feel 'Good' about using the product and created a visual 'Fantasy' - resulting in the end slogan "Great taste and healthy refreshment from nothing but fruit".

18 Oct 2012 11:19


Nhlakanipo Sithebe
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Posted on 19 Oct 2012 15:24