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Progress for ProNutro - Just Design upgrades another of SA's iconic brands

Food choices and diet are a hot topic in an ever more health-conscious society. Ideas around nutrition may have changed somewhat since the sixties, when one of SA's leading cereal brands was developed, but it turns out that ProNutro was well ahead of its time.
Progress for ProNutro - Just Design upgrades another of SA's iconic brands
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Generations have trusted and grown up on the complete nutrition of ProNutro but the time has come for the NO1 cereal in SA to reclaim and own the territory of "nutritional expert in protein".

The recent flood of breakfast offerings, all shouting benefits, highlighted to the ProNutro brand team at Bokomo that there was a need to extrinsically claim what ProNutro has been quietly delivering for years. Time for a pack upgrade and an updated visual identity that would affirm the brand purpose of Protein Nutrition, and link it into the global health and wellness trend.

Bokomo approached their long-term packaging partner, Just Design, to assist with upgrading and modernising the ProNutro packaging. When big brands require a packaging update, it's a critical balance between modernisation and remaining true to the existing visual identity. As packaging experts, Just Design approaches major brand overhauls from a strategic perspective, carefully considering the existing equity, positioning and competitive landscape.

For cereal mega-brand, ProNutro, it went beyond cosmetics to giving brand love back to consumers.

Progress for ProNutro - Just Design upgrades another of SA's iconic brands
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Part of the success of any great brand is its ability to shift with times, innovate, re-invent itself and thereby create ongoing interest and excitement. The design challenge for ProNutro was to consolidate the identifiable elements of the brand into a master architecture, which then carries across the many offerings and ensure brand cohesion.

Just Design set about creating an evolutionary pack that is as iconic as the original, demonstrating the value of over 12 years of experience in FMCG packaging and design. The resulting design is instantly recognisable; powerful and confident, but also visually wholesome, relevant and accessible for the whole family.

As is often the case with strategic design, Just Design realised that there was a further opportunity on pack. The proactive addition of the Live Life Best call-to-action conveys the brand's functional health benefits and inspires a healthy, happy, balanced lifestyle. A layer that was so compelling that it has ended up spreading through all brand communication, becoming an engaging and inspiring platform for the brand. Said ProNutro's Brand Manager, Khosi Snondo: "It's great to work with a packaging specialist that takes as much responsibility for the brand as we do. Just Design not only look at the aesthetics, they add a massive strategic component and do consistently great work. We are very proud and excited about where ProNutro is and where it's headed."

ProNutro was SA's first high protein breakfast cereal, and was groundbreaking when it was launched in 1963; but the trusted favourite in SA was long overdue an upgrade. Having just gone to shelf, the hard results aren't in yet, but the spontaneous response has been overwhelmingly positive. Just Design's professional and proactive approach for Pronutro has resulted in the natural evolution of one of South Africa's iconic brands. With this upgrade, ProNutro reclaims the high ground as the original protein expert.

29 Oct 2014 11:57