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The pros of partnering with packaging specialists

Certain circumstances call for specialist expertise. Packaging design may not be brain surgery but it nonetheless requires expert thinking. Still, many companies unknowingly turn to generalist design or branding agencies when they have a packaging design brief. We explore what separates the experts from the jack-of-all-trades.
The pros of partnering with packaging specialists
The demand for packaging specialists has grown significantly in recent years as companies are fast realising that good packaging design directly increases sales. As a product's outer wrapping is often a consumer's first point of contact with a brand; no matter how great the inside is, a badly executed outside can be a stumbling block to potential sales. In the cluttered and competitive retail environment, first impressions are everything.

So, how do you catch and keep consumer attention? According to specialist packaging design agency, Just Design, effective packaging design involves mastering several tried and tested principles:
    1. Simplicity and clarity
    The top-selling products on supermarket shelves today instantly communicate a product's function and which brand is behind it.

    2. Honesty
    This is achieved by representing the product in the most perfect way imaginable without using any imagery that can be misleading or cause for disappointment.

    3. Originality
    Unique character is at the heart of great brands and, in turn, great packaging designs. Being bold, different and in line with local and international trends keeps products top-of-mind.

    4. Shelf Standout
    Shoppers never see products in isolation or in great detail. Good design is cognoscente of the metre rule - viewing packaging from varying distances to ensure that it is distinctive enough to create impact from far away to up close.

    5. Future Flexibility
    Product packaging should always be designed to allow for prospective changes and extensions to the product line.

    6. Practicality
    Ease-of-use and constantly improving how the product is carried, stored and consumed creates instant innovation, enhances the brand message, and strengthens the product positioning.
Beyond these steps, Just Design passionately emphasises that there are critical technical factors involved in specialist packaging design such as labeling legalities; printing materials and techniques; and proper artwork preparation and management. A true specialist should understand the contents and function of a product and its packaging; having dedicated innumerable hours to researching materials, techniques and safety standards.

It may seem simple, but it is only through years of experience that these core principles can be consistently achieved. Whether a new launch or an upgrade to an existing packaging, it's worth getting the right people with the right experience and expertise to do the job right.

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3 Jun 2014 11:49