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United Stations delivers for Carling Blue Label beer

Leading beer brand Carling Blue Label is one advertiser who concurs that when it comes to integrating flawlessly with digital and mobile technology, radio is simply unmatched.
United Stations delivers for Carling Blue Label beer
This wonderfully synergistic relationship was recently demonstrated when they approached United Stations to launch their newest offering, Carling Blue Label beer, to Kaya FM's Afropolitan audience.

Understanding that marketers want to stay ahead of the curve and engage with listeners in more meaningful ways, the revert back to client was a multimedia campaign that enabled Carling Blue Label beer to take over the Kaya FM website, allowing every single person who visited the site, to have the brand revealed to them in a once-in-a-lifetime interactive moment.

United Stations Digital Head, Rajeev Jumani, says, "When it comes to making a meaningful connection between brands and listeners, savvy advertisers such as Carling Blue Label are speedily realising that cleverly embedding their brand into regular programming and leveraging this via digital platforms, can be the ultimate differentiator in an otherwise cluttered media space.

United Stations delivers for Carling Blue Label beer
"This tells us that if advertisers plan their media around understanding the consumer's habits and capitalise on digital touchpoints, we'll see more of them being able to instantly engage with consumers on their level."

United Stations' digital offering made the most of this trend by allowing the audience to scratch away the top layer of the interface with their mouse or finger depending on the device being used, creating a first-of-its-kind, rich online and on-air experience between the brand and the listener.

The results to date have been unprecedented. The Kaya FM homepage takeover was viewed by more than 1,400 people within the first hour, of which 39% engaged and 55% clicked through to the competition page. In just the first two days of the competition, more than 650 entries were received, with the most interesting submissions read out on air by the DJ, in order to rally listeners to enter.

Why is this significant?

Simple. Not only has the combination of creativity and innovative thinking generated increased exposure for Carling Blue Label beer, it has created excellent talkability, giving top-of-mind awareness without having to hard sell.

United Stations is mastering the formula of blending radio and digital to create magic. Why not challenge US with your next campaign?

Click here to view the video.

United Stations delivers for Carling Blue Label beer

9 Dec 2015 10:48


rene dinkoanyane
rene dinkoanyane
Well done United Stations. Very well orchestrated campaign.
Posted on 9 Dec 2015 11:41