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Tractor Outdoor launches Beach Media with a bang

Tractor Outdoor recently launched its Beach Media division by running a nationwide coastal campaign for McDonalds over the summer period with more than 600 umbrellas scattered across beaches in coastal cities and tourist destinations across South Africa.
Tractor Outdoor launches Beach Media with a bang

It was one of the biggest and most challenging projects that Tractor has undertaken during the entire year and a huge success in terms of brand activation for McDonalds. It took their branding to a new level of awareness.

"This was the first time that Mcdonalds has made use of Beach Media as a brand activation and it was a tremendous success all round," says Simon Wall of Tractor Outdoor.

It was something different than selling billboards or transit media for Tractor. "It was a tough few weeks for me with constantly being on the phone back and forth with McDonalds overseeing that everything was perfect," says Mandy Price, the account manager responsible for the campaign.

Tractor Outdoor launches Beach Media with a bang

This year Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal beaches were swarming with tourists and locals alike. On the busy beach days the beaches were labelled "the red sea" of umbrellas and there was a lot of social media buzz about the amazing impact that the umbrellas created both on these beaches.

Tractor worked closely with the City of Cape Town in its initiative to provide additional employment opportunities as the City identified unemployed previously disadvantage individuals who were given the opportunity of earning an income from the rental of beach umbrellas.

Tractor and McDonalds were also able to provide much needed shade to the Atlantic Seaboard Lifeguards through the donation of umbrellas and various gazebos.

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14 Feb 2013 12:07


Justine Greaves
Justine Greaves
I quite like the idea of beach advertising. I say this because I noticed when i was at the coast in December how many people hire umbrellas and even if there is no branding in them you can recognise the unity of the hired umbrellas. I think its not only creates awareness but a desire as well. When you notice a wide disperse of a brand name basically screaming at you, naturally you start to want that brand. Especially if you are wanting to get your brand noticed I would suggest this. People are relaxed when on holiday and are willing to treat themselves often.
Posted on 18 Feb 2013 13:03