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Tractor Outdoor's new roadside digital in Sandton

Tractor has just announced their newest build: a 3x6 roadside digital located in Sandton, Johannesburg which will also form part of their LOOP digital network.
This digital site, which is their second digital build within the Gauteng region, is located on the popular Grayston Drive, after Benmore Centre, heading towards Sandton Drive (exiting Sandton CBD). It is situated in close proximity to businesses and residential areas and will target both categories of audience.

“The addition of this Sandton roadside digital is an immense achievement for Tractor, whilst getting any sign approved is not easy, it is extremely tricky to find "pockets" which have not been developed and where a sign can be accommodated in Sandton. We are growing at a fantastic rate and to include this extraordinary site in our digital network proves that we are dedicated and committed to providing high quality flexible screens; 2019 will bear the fruits of the hard work put in over the last few months and will see a significant addition of iconic and strategically placed digitals introduced to the DOOH market."

Tractor Outdoor's new roadside digital in Sandton

“We are extremely excited to offer this roadside digital to our clients, our HUQ data which was run on a sample audience panel of +-250 000 over the last 18 months indicates that this site location has a frequency of 8.7 with a unique reach of 434,591 impressions per month,” says Tractor Outdoor.

For more information about the LOOP network contact Tractor Outdoor on 086 999 0226 or email

15 Feb 2019 10:41